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The Priorities Game is a fun and engaging way to help staff develop their prioritisation skills. In a perfect world, prioritisation skills can develop over time and with experience. But the high-pressure nature of clinical placement offers limited opportunities to reflect on prioritising patient care and daily nursing duties on a ward.

The Priorities Game gives players the opportunity to think about how care delivery and nursing tasks should be prioritised. The game simulates a typical hospital ward, with patients that require admission, discharge and general care. Players must work together to decide which tasks take priority and how to achieve them while still providing consistent and safe patient care.

Developed by Clinical Teachers

The Priorities Game was developed in collaboration with Clinical Teachers Rhiannon Eley and Lucy Tyler from Kings College London. Rhiannon and Lucy are adult nurses who have mentored and facilitated learning throughout their nursing careers and continue to support student learning in their role as Clinical Teachers.

“We developed this board game as we have found that students often lack the confidence and opportunity to practice and reflect upon skills like prioritisation and decision making in a busy clinical environment but are expected to qualify with these skills. We hope that through learning about and developing these skills in a fun way, it is assisting nurses of the future to be safe and effective practitioners.” - Rhiannon and Lucy

What do the players think?

“Team work was key to completing the game which I liked as well as the unpredictability of the action cards - that was fun and reflected real practice."
BSc Adult Nursing Student

“As a third-year student, I found it very beneficial to have conversations about how we would prioritise care on the ward. It made me think about the individual skill sets within the nursing team, and how best to utilise these in a busy ward setting, considering where tasks should be delegated to other team members, to ensure all aspects of patient care are carried out efficiently. We also discussed different medical conditions and how to prioritise patients due to their acuity. Playing this game with nursing students at different stages of their training enabled more experienced students to share their knowledge.”
Ellen Cashman, BSc Adult Nursing Student

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